Condition the Vessel


Analab offers unrivaled devices that will decontaminate and condition a wide variety of containers and pipette tips all at once by acid steam condensation. This contained, hot decontamination procedure, uses an extremely pure acidic vapor condensate. Since the units are completely contained during the cleaning process, there are no contaminant introduced to the containers. These devices and decontamination procedures are perfectly adapted to the requirements of trace and ultra-trace analysis.
Offers lower blanks – Saves time – Reduces acid and consumables costs.

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This clever device allows individual washing of containers of various shapes and sizes. The containers to be cleaned are installed as condensers for very pure steam from the evaporation of standard quality acid. Can be used with our FluorPlate, FluoroBlock, or our Evapoclean.


Decontamination and conditioning by acid steam condensation capable of handling multiple vessel sizes at once: Digestion tubes, auto sampler vials, microwave liners, storage or sampling bottles, pipette tips, or UV cups. It is ideal for laboratories performing trace and ultra-trace analyses.

P'Tips Cleaner

Cold P’Tips cleaner satisfies all criteria for analysing trace elements. The tips are decontaminated in conditions similar to those of their use: same batch of reagent, same temperature. Cold P’Tips cleaner makes handling very safe and decreases operating cost as they can be can be used many times.



Using this equipment, vessels of different shapes can be washed individually. The vessels to be washed are installed as condensers of very pure steam generated from the evaporation of standard quality acid.

$175.00 - $975.00

EasyTraceCleaner Evolution II - Standard - Pre-wired

Part No.: ETC-PW
EasyTraceCleaner Evolution II – Standard - Pre-wired for future use of the Clean Rinse Dry (CRD) System.

$6,850.00 - $7,875.00

EasyTraceCleaner Evolution II – Pre-wired with Clean Rinse Dry (CRD) System

Part No.: ETC-PW-CRD
EasyTraceCleaner Evolution II with Clean Rinse Dry System (CRD) is completely self-contained so the operator is not in contact with the reagent.

$11,500.00 - $12,500.00

EasyTraceCleaner Evolution II Option 1

Part No.: OPTION-1
The interior of the ETC already is supplied with one PTFE base plate and a handling rod. By adding additional plate(s), the unit can potentially double your cleaning capacity.


EasyTraceCleaner Evolution II Option 2

Part No.: OPTION-2
Adding an additional PTFE base plate, handling rod, and convenient 120mm tall rods (qty 48) allow you to prepare a second set of vessels to be washed in advance.


EasyTraceCleaner Evolution II Option 3

Part No.: OPTION-3
Convenient rods (qty 48) in PTFE allow you to stabilize your vessels on the plate.


EasyTraceCleaner Evolution II Option 4

Part No.: OPTION-4
Pipette tips racks allows you to easily and efficiently clean multiple sizes inside the ETC unit.

$300.00 - $375.00

EasyTraceCleaner Evolution II Option 5

Part No.: OPTION-5
Small OD vessel holder can be used to stabilize your vessel(s) instead of the rods, quantity 1. Universal fit for M, L, and XL units.


Cold P’Tips Cleaner – M

Part No.: PTIP–M
Medium size pipette tips cleaning device


Cold P’Tips Cleaner – XL

Part No.: PTIP–XL
Extra-large size pipette tips cleaning device


P’Tips Holder – Medium

Medium size P’Tips holder


P’Tips Holder – XLarge

Extra-large size P’Tips holder


P’Tips Transfer Rack

Part No.: OPTION-4B
P’Tips Transfer Rack