MEINHARD CytoNeb Single Cell Nebulizers

More Signal From Less Sample – The CytoNeb for ultra-low-flow applications

The CytoNeb is a specialized nebulizer designed primary for single cell analysis cytometry by ICPMS, but also excellent for nanoparticles measurements as well as other ultra-low flow applications in samples that do not have high levels of suspended solids.

Other applications include:

  • Isotope ratio measurements at flow rates as low as ~10ul/min, when the volume of sample available is extremely limited
  • Measurement of highly volatile organic solvents, especially when paired with a 'total consumption spray chamber' such as the CytoSpray from Elemental Scientific
  • Use with desolvating systems such as the Apex Omega for maximising sample transport efficiency while eliminating aqueous matrix interferences

While these nebulizers can be used with peristaltic pump tubing for sample introduction, the best results will be obtained with a syringe-controlled sample flow rate as part of a complete sample introduction system, such as the microFAST SC for single cell/nanoparticle applications, or the microFAST MC for isotope ratio measurements by multicollector ICPMS instruments

CytoNeb Nebulizer

Part No.: CytoNeb
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