Analab CleanClever

Economical Individual Vessel Cleaning

The CleanClever vapor cleaning system utilizes small volumes of acid and water to quickly decontaminate a variety of vessels for trace metal analysis.

Better Sample Preparation = Better Results

CleanClever provides individual cleaning of containers of various shapes and sizes for trace metal analysis. This highly flexible system provides a safe, simple and effective procedure for removing contamination from PFA, PTFE, and glass vessels.

  • CleanClever sleeve connects vessel requiring cleaning to a heated PFA well
  • Assemblies are placed on Analab FluoroPlate, FluoroBloc or EvapoClean systems which heat small volumes of acid in a PFA well
  • Vapor generated from heating of the cleaning reagents condenses in the upper vessel and leaches contaminants from the walls
CleanClever Systems on A2 FluoroPlate
CleanClever Systems on A2 FluoroPlate


  • The CleanClever Sleeve is produced in a wide variety (over 25) of sizes to match the threads of many commercial PFA, PTFE, and glass vessels
  • Adds vessel cleaning capability to sample preparation already performed on your Analab FluoroPlate, FluoroBloc, and EvapoClean devices
  • These devices have passed acceptance tests in Class 1 clean rooms and satisfy the standards EC EMC 89/336/EEC - LVD 73/23/ECC - EN61010
CleanClever Assembly
CleanClever Assembly

How It Works

  • A small volume (10-20 mL) of reagent-grade acid is placed in the PFA well and connected to the CleanClever Sleeve
  • The CleanClever Sleeve is connected to the vessel to be cleaned and the assembly is placed in a heating well or surface on a Analab FluoroPlate, FluoroBloc, or EvapoClean device
  • The acid is heated to a temperature just below its boiling point, creating high-purity acid vapors that condense on the walls of the upper vessel. The condensed acid then drains back into the bottom well in a continuous process
  • To rinse the vessel walls, the bottom well can be replaced with one containing DI water and the process continued with condensing steam rinsing the vessel wall
How It Works

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Using this equipment, vessels of different shapes can be washed individually. The vessels to be washed are installed as condensers of very pure steam generated from the evaporation of standard quality acid.

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