Spray Chamber Lines & Fittings

MEINHARD offers accessories for most spray chambers.

If an accessory for your spray chamber is not shown here, please contact us.

Dilution Gas Line - Agilent 7900/8900

Part No.: S250544


Drain Line - Agilent 7900/8900

Part No.: S250549


Make-Up Gas Line for Agilent 7900/8900

Part No.: S250545


Threaded Drain Line Kit for Thermo iCAP-Q Spray Chamber

Part No.: ES-2044-0009-B
Threaded Spray Chamber Drain Line Kit for Thermo iCAP Q.  Includes three stop GRY-GRY santoprene pump tubing 95mm bridge distance, long ferrule


Spray Chamber Drain Line Kit

Part No.: ES-2044-0003
OEM #: N8152391; 1320280


Threaded Drain Line

Part No.: ES-2044-0002
OEM #: N8141425; 1305940


6 mm PFA Secure Nut

Part No.: ES-3199-0003


Addition Gas Line Kit

Part No.: ES-2502-1000
OEM #: 1305780


6 mm PFA Secure Long Nut with Larger Through Hole

Part No.: ES-3199-0003-R
OEM #: N8145321; BRE0012182


6 mm PFA Secure Short Nut

Part No.: ES-3199-0001-RB
OEM #: N8141420


Quartz Socket Adapter for Spray Chambers

Part No.: ES-5510
OEM #: N0777037


Clamp for 12/5 Socket

Part No.: ES-2110-0002
OEM #: N8145311


Threaded Spray Chamber Drain Line - NexION/Avio

Part No.: ES-2044-64
OEM #: N8152456


Matrix Gas Line Plug

Part No.: S033045
OEM #: N8145516
Matrix Gas Line Plug with Interior Sealing Ring for NexION & Avio 200/500


Cyclonic Spray Chamber Adapter for NexION 1000/2000/5000 ICPMS

Part No.: S011361
OEM #: N8152551


PFA Spray Chamber Drain

Part No.: F5 Drain
OEM #: N8145015


Viton O-rings, Pack of 5

Part No.: MM902155
OEM #: 9902155