• NexION Cone Set
    Cone Sets for NexION ICPMS Systems
    Meinhard offers convenient cone sets for NexION ICPMS systems. Available in a 2 or 3 cone set.

  • RF Coils
    RF Coils
    Meinhard continues to extend our ICP interface product line by offering high performance radio frequency (RF) coils.

  • Nebulizers
    Our Nebulizers reflect the exacting standards in design and manufacturing that have made it the choice of the industry worldwide.

  • ICP/ICPMS Torches & Injectors
    Direct replacement for standard torches and injectors that are easy to clean and easy to insert.

  • Spray Chambers
    Replacement spray chambers for all ICP and ICPMS instruments. We offer many spray chambers with the Easy-Seal threaded nebulizer inlet.

  • HF Resistant
    PFA MicroFlow nebulizers are constructed entirely from chemically resistant fluoropolymers, ideal for strong acids, alkalis, organics and high salt solutions. They are resistant to clogging, and produce a fine aerosol for high transport efficiency.

  • Peristaltic Pumps
    Very Low Pulsation; Wide Dynamic Range - (< 1 µL/min to > 10mL/min); Optimized for Low Flow Rates; Stand Alone and Integrated Versions; One to Six Channels;
    Easy to Use; and more.

  • Pump Tubing
    From high-quality PVC to ultra-chemically-resistant SolventFlex and Acidflex/Viton, our tubing can be used for application across multiple industries including environmental, clinical, geophysical, and semiconductor production.

  • Standard Solutions
    We now offer single element standards, common standard mixes as well as metal-organic standards and are shipped with Certificate of Analysis and MSDS sheets.

  • ICPMS Cones & Shields
    We offer an extensive line of OEM-preferred cones and shields to meet your application needs. Budget-friendly alloys and recycling programs help keep your
    costs low.

  • Electron Multipliers
    We carry ETP and MasCom electron multipliers which are incorporated as original equipment in every major quadrupole and TOF ICP-MS instrument being manufactured today.

Meinhard Is Now Partnering With Analab

 Featured Product

Meinhard Products

3 ICPMS Cone Set for NexION


Three cone set for PerkinElmer NexION series

Set includes 1 each of the following: Nickel Sampler Cone (MC-33612), Nickel Skimmer Cone (MC-26356) and an Aluminum Hyper Skimmer (MC-33995)


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