• NexION Cone Set
    Cone Sets for NexION ICPMS Systems
    Meinhard offers convenient cone sets for NexION ICPMS systems. Available in a 2 or 3 cone set.

  • RF Coils
    RF Coils
    Meinhard continues to extend our ICP interface product line by offering high performance radio frequency (RF) coils.

  • Nebulizers
    Our Nebulizers reflect the exacting standards in design and manufacturing that have made it the choice of the industry worldwide.

  • ICP/ICPMS Torches & Injectors
    Direct replacement for standard torches and injectors that are easy to clean and easy to insert.

  • Spray Chambers
    Replacement spray chambers for all ICP and ICPMS instruments. We offer many spray chambers with the Easy-Seal threaded nebulizer inlet.

  • HF Resistant
    PFA MicroFlow nebulizers are constructed entirely from chemically resistant fluoropolymers, ideal for strong acids, alkalis, organics and high salt solutions. They are resistant to clogging, and produce a fine aerosol for high transport efficiency.

  • Peristaltic Pumps
    Very Low Pulsation; Wide Dynamic Range - (< 1 µL/min to > 10mL/min); Optimized for Low Flow Rates; Stand Alone and Integrated Versions; One to Six Channels;
    Easy to Use; and more.

  • Pump Tubing
    From high-quality PVC to ultra-chemically-resistant SolventFlex and Acidflex/Viton, our tubing can be used for application across multiple industries including environmental, clinical, geophysical, and semiconductor production.

  • Standard Solutions
    We now offer single element standards, common standard mixes as well as metal-organic standards and are shipped with Certificate of Analysis and MSDS sheets.

  • ICPMS Cones & Shields
    We offer an extensive line of OEM-preferred cones and shields to meet your application needs. Budget-friendly alloys and recycling programs help keep your
    costs low.

  • Electron Multipliers
    We carry ETP and MasCom electron multipliers which are incorporated as original equipment in every major quadrupole and TOF ICP-MS instrument being manufactured today.

Analab becomes part of Elemental Scientific


We are pleased to announce that Analab of Bischheim, France, has become part of Elemental Scientific.

Analab designs and manufactures essential equipment for the preparation and ultra-trace analysis of precious samples. Innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction are hallmarks of Analab’s continuing contributions to analytical science. Please contact us or visit us at www.analab.fr.

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Analab sample preparation and digestion systems

Condition the VesselPurify the ReagentsMineralizeEvaporate

 Featured Product

Meinhard Products

3 ICPMS Cone Set for NexION


Three cone set for PerkinElmer NexION series

Set includes 1 each of the following: Nickel Sampler Cone (MC-33612), Nickel Skimmer Cone (MC-26356) and an Aluminum Hyper Skimmer (MC-33995)

Not valid with any other discounts
Offer ends 04/30/2021


Limited Time Promotion when a 2 or 3 cone set is purchased for NexION icPMS Systems
View Flyer for NexION ICPMS Cones


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