FAST & prepFAST Spares Kits

Critical to system uptime and performance, FAST & prepFAST Spares Kits include all of the important and necessary parts to keep your system up and running. For your convenience, ESI Specialists have carefully selected these products which are an integral part of your system operation and should be changed regularly. ESI offers a complete selection of Spares Kits specifically designed for your FAST & prepFAST Systems.

Remember, always keep spares on hand.

FAST Basic Spares Kit

Part No.: SC-0380-R1
OEM #: N8145126


FAST Deluxe Spares Kit

Part No.: SC-0370-R1
OEM #: 1301760


prepFAST Spares Kit

Part No.: PF-0370
OEM #: N8145367; BRE0003856


SampleSense prepFAST Spares Kit

Part No.: PF-0370-SS8


seaFAST/brineFAST Spares Kit

Part No.: SF-0370
OEM #: N8145478