MEINHARD Classic High Efficiency Nebulizers

Low FLow. High Efficiency.

MEINHARD’s High Efficiency Nebulizers (HEN) carry the Type A design to the next level. They are designed to operate a lower sample flow (less than 300 uL/min) with a smaller gas cross-section to obtain higher nebulizing gas velocity, smaller droplets, and the most signal from the smallest volume of sample. The carrier backpressure is 90 psi (620 kPa), 120 psi (830 kPa), 150 psi (1030 kPa), or 170 psi (1200 kPa). In order to ensure that maximum gas velocity is obtained, the operator should select the highest gas pressure with which he is comfortable working, or the highest pressure available for his instrumentation. The complement to gas velocity is a reduction in liquid flow to less than 300 uL/min, where < 100 uL/min is most commonly used with the MEINHARD® HEN. HEN are most suitable to small volume samples analyzed by ICP-MS using a small-volume spray chamber and conventional injector to obtain sample transport of 80% or better. HEN are the best choice for single-cell and single particle analysis by ICP-MS, but are not suitable where significant levels of suspended solids are expected.

Typically, HEN are manufactured in borosilicate glass nebulizers for many routine sample types in ICP-MS. Quartz versions may be preferred to reduce the potential for sample contamination from the nebulizer. The HEN in SilQ utilizes the highest purity quartz available today to nearly eliminate contamination from the nebulizer.

High Efficiency Glass Nebulizer - Fluidigm CyTOF

Part No.: HEN-120-A0.2
High efficiency nebulizer, lapped flush nozzle, borosilicate glass, 1.0 L/min and 200 uL/min @120 PSI, 3 mm o.d. liquid input


High Efficiency Glass Nebulizer

Part No.: HEN-Nebulizer
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