Ultra-pure and HF-resistant

The Fluorospray Inert Kits are an o-ring-free system of high-purity, high-stability, HF-resistant sample introduction kit for selected ICPMS. Fluorospray provides ultra-low detection limits and excellent short-term and long-term stability through a novel spray chamber design that improves matrix tolerance while maintaining ultralow backgrounds for all elements. (Currently available for Agilent ICPMS and PerkinElmer ICPMS.)

The HF-Resistant Sample Introduction System is an ultra-pure, HF-resistant introduction system. All wetted surfaces are PFA and sapphire or platinum. These are used by a majority of semiconductor labs worldwide for the analysis of semiconductor-grade chemicals and other high purity chemicals, as well as for geochemical/metallurgical applications or anywhere HF-resistant sample introduction systems are required.