Complete Sample Introduction Kits

ESI Sample Introduction Kits are designed to be extremely stable and provide the highest performance and sensitivity. These kits provide complete application-based sample introduction solutions spanning from the peripump tubing through to the torch for many ICP and ICPMS systems.

  • Fluorospray Inert Sample Intro Kits are an o-ring-free system of high-purity, high-stability, HF-resistant sample introduction kit for selected ICP and ICPMS systems. Fluorospray kits are pre-cleaned for ultra-low detection limits, and provide excellent short-term and long-term stability through a novel spray chamber design that improves matrix tolerance while maintaining ultralow backgrounds for all elements. Both Quartz and Nitride Torch equipped kits are available.
  • HF-Resistant Sample Intro Kits provide an HF-resistant introduction system with all wetted surfaces consisting of PFA, sapphire, or platinum. They are utilized by laboratories analyzing semiconductor-grade chemicals, high purity chemicals, and geochemical/metallurgical applications where HF-resistant sample introduction components are required.
  • Standard Sample Intro Kits provide the complete introduction systems required by most laboratories. These include routine sample applications as well as samples containing high salts/matrices and organic solvents. Quartz and Nitride Torch equipped Sample Intro Kits are available for specific application requirements.