From applications that require high sensitivity to high throughput, MEINHARD can supply product for all ICP and ICPMS needs. Products can be used across a range of industries, such as environmental, clinical, food and water, geochemical, semiconductor fabrication, and many more.


The MEINHARD nebulizer reflects the exacting standards in design and manufacturing that have made it the choice of the industry worldwide. Its advantages include simplicity of design and operation, reproducibility of self-aligning aerosol, and close fabrication control. The MEINHARD® nebulizer is used in all major ICP instruments on the market today.

We currently offer the following types of nebulizers:

Ultra High Purity (SilQ)  |  Plus Series  |  High Sensitivity (Type A)  |  High Solids (Type C)  |  Low-Flow (Type K)  |  Microflow (HEN)  |  Direct Injection (DIHEN)  |  HF Resistant  |  Nebulizer FitKits  |  Download Nebulizer Spec Sheet

Nebulizer Search by Serial Number

ICP/ICPMS Torches & Injectors

ICP/ICPMS torches by MEINHARD set the industry standard for all ICP/ICPMS devices. MEINHARD has torches for all ICP and ICPMS instruments that are currently available, along with torches for instruments that have been out of production for ten years or more.

We currently offer torches & injectors compatible with the following:

Agilent  |  Bruker  |  GV, Micromass  |  Jobin Yvon  |  Leeman Labs (Teledyne)  |  NU Instruments  |  PerkinElmer  |  Seiko  |  Shimadzu  |  Spectro  |  Thermo

Spray Chambers

MEINHARD offers a wide range of spray chambers in both glass and quartz including Scott double-pass, conical, cyclonic and double-pass cyclonic. The spray chambers are designed to fit in all major ICP and ICPMS instruments, and we can also custom manufacture for your needs. We also offer Scott double-pass and cyclonic spray chambers from ESI in PFA for ultra-high-purity and corrosion resistance for HF applications. Meinhard spray chambers include the F5 Drain fitting where a 4 mm drain is the OEM design.

We currently offer spray chambers compatible with the following:

Agilent  |  Bruker  |  GV, Micromass  |  Jobin Yvon  |  Leeman Labs (Teledyne)  |  PerkinElmer  |  Spectro  |  Thermo  |  Custom Spray Chambers  |  Accessories

HF Resistant

MEINHARD’s PFA nebulizers and spray chambers are constructed entirely from chemically resistant fluoropolymers, ideal for strong acids, alkalis, organics and high salt solutions. They are resistant to clogging, and produce a fine aerosol for high transport efficiency and high sensitivity.

Microflow and PolyPro Nebulizers  |  Standard HF-Resistant Sample Introduction Kits  |  PFA Cyclonic Spray chambers


Peristaltic Pumps

MEINHARD carries peristaltic pumps by Elemental Scientific. The MP2 pumps are created for low-flow rate and high precision pumping. The compact design allows for faster analysis without losing accuracy. MP2 can pump at a range of flow rates, from < 1µL/min to > 10mL/min and are available with 1 to 8 channels.

MEINHARD also offers Spetec Perimax peripumps. These pumps are specially designed to minimize pulsation for high precision, low flow rate pumping.

ESI MP2 Pumps  |  Spetec Peristaltic Pumps  |  Peristaltic Pump Accessories

Pump Tubing

MEINHARD offers peristaltic pump tubing for a variety of applications. From high-quality PVC to ultra-chemically-resistant Santoprene and Solva, our tubing can be used for applications across multiple industries including environmental, clinical, geophysical, and semiconductor production. We carry tubing for the ESI MP2 pump and the Thermo iCAP Q as well as standard 2- and 3-stop tubing.

Flared Tubing


Tubing for MP2  |  Tubing for iCAP Q  |  Standard 2-Stop  |  Standard 3-Stop

Standard Solutions

We offer single elemental standards, common standard mixes as well as organometallic standards. Single element standards are offered from two premier standards manufacturers, providing the ease of purchasing primary and secondary standards with the confidence of two independently-certified sources. Standards are shipped with Certificate of Analysis and MSDS sheets.

Quality Assurance

Our standards have the following accreditations and certifications.

  • NIST-traceable to SRM 3100 Series
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • ISO 17025 Accredited
  • ISO Guide 34 Accredited

Single Standards - Download Order Form  |  Mixed Standards - Download Order Form  |  Organometallic Standards  Download Order Form  |  Single Element Kits

For certain countries additional shipping charges and hazardous material fees may apply.

RF Coils

Meinhard continues to extend our ICP interface product line by offering high performance radio frequency (RF) coils.

ICPMS Detectors

Meinhard maintains inventory of your instrument’s electron multiplier. We carry ETP and MasCom electron multipliers which are incorporated as original equipment in every major quadrupole and TOF ICP-MS instrument being manufactured today.

ICPMS Cones & Shields Compatible with Multiple Systems

Meinhard offers an extensive line of OEM-preferred cones and shields to meet your application needs. Budget-friendly alloys and recycling programs help keep your costs low. We maintain inventory of the most popular products so we can ship same day.

Contact us to discuss your lab requirements or search by instrument and/or OEM part number. You can also download the Cone Reference Guide.

We currently offer ICPMS cones & shields compatible with the following:

Agilent  |  Bruker/AnalytikJena  |  GV, Micromass  |  LECO  |  NU Instruments  |  OptiMass  |  Perkin Elmer  |  Thermo Scientific  |  Accessories

Sampling Probes

We provide a range of PFA sample probes offering high chemical resistance for applications involving strong acids, alkalis and organics. A contoured design reduces carry over while an all PFA wetted sample flow path reduces contamination. The construction is reinforced by a completely encapsulated support, available in PEEK, Carbon Fiber and Ultem®.

Carbon Fiber Autosampler Probes  |  Ultem Autosampler Probes  |  PEEK Autosampler Probes

Fluids and Oils

Meinhard can help you maintain your pump’s performance with manufacture recommended fluids. We understand the importance of using the highest quality products in many vacuum systems to optimize performance, resist degradation and thermal decomposition. Contact us if you do not see your preferred fluid on our web site and we will find it for you.


Meinhard offers universal maintenance products designed to provide the ICP-MS analyst with the right tools for the job of cleaning and restoring cones as well as ion lens maintenance.

Analab Sample Digestion

Analab® offers equipment for washing, decontaminating and conditioning a wide variety of containers to be used for mineralising, transferring and storing samples in their liquid state. Washing with hot steam or at room temperature. Purification devices for obtaining the purest reagents, essential for the successful results of your analyses. Effective mineralization, with no risk of overheating or contaminating your samples owing to the equipment. Device for the evaporation of samples in a closed environment.

Bottles, Vials & Accessories

PFA vials are ideal for applications that require the highest sensitivity. Made of ultra-pure, ultra-chemically resistant material, these vials are an excellent choice for semiconductor production and microsamples. PFA bottles and vials are ideal for a wide range of demanding fluid handling and storage applications in general laboratory, semiconductor and environmental industries. Non-PFA sample vessels manufactured from plastics, such as PVDF, polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene, are a sensible alternative to consider when breakage, surface inertness and/or disposal costs are concerns.

PVDF Vials  |  PFA Bottles, Vials & Accessories  |  Polypropylene/Polystyrene Tubes  |  Polyethylene/Polypropylene Bottles  |  Microtiter Plates

Lamps and Bulbs

For both analytical or biological analyses, we provide the highest quality bulbs & lamps to help with your testing needs. From AA lamps, like single and multi-element hollow cathode (HDL) and electrodeless discharge (EDL), to LC and UV deuterium, tungsten, and zenon lamps, we have what you need to perform your analysis. Each lamp is designed to match the performance of your instrument and is tested to meet our high standards.

Single Element Lumina 2" Lamps  | Multi-Element Lumina 2" Hollow Cathode Lamps  | 
Electrodeless Discharge Lamps (EDL)  | Atomax 1.5" Hollow Cathode Lamp

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