Microflow (HEN) Nebulizers

The MEINHARD High Efficiency Nebulizer (HEN) is ideal for microsample analysis. It exhibits detection limits comparable to those of a standard MEINHARD® nebulizer while consuming 25 times less sample. The HEN can function reliability at liquid flow rates from 5 to 500 µL/min. With a barrel length of 45 mm and an o.d. of 6 mm, the HEN fits most common spray chambers. The MEINHARD HEN is available in both quartz and borosilicate glass.

The HEN is designed to operate at 1 L/min with Ar at 170 psi (150, 120, and 90 psi are options). At 1 L/min of argon carrier, the nominal natural aspiration rate can be 50, 100, 200, or 300 µL/min, but a HEN can be pumped at 5 to 500 µL/min.

While it is generally best to choose a HEN which naturally operate near the desired flow rate, a HEN rated for a higher liquid flow may be used in order to reduce the potential for clogging. For example, if the application design calls for a 100 µl/min, a HEN 300 µl/min can be used to avoid clogs.

The high-pressure Fit Kit 2 gas connection kit is recommended for secure attachment of the nebulizer gas tubing. Chromatography unions (Fit Kit #1, Fit Kit #1-Micro, F1-C16) are available to provide a minimum dead volume, leak-free connection to 1/16" column tubing. The F1 and F2 sample line connection fittings are also compatible.

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