Quartz C2 Dual Cyclonic Spray Chamber for Optima

Part No.: ES-3D57-1111-19
OEM #: N0782012
Compatible Models: Optima 2x00/4x00/5x00/7x00 DV/8x00


2 Quartz dual cyclonic spray chamber for Optima® 2x00 DV, 4x00 DV, 5x00 DV, 7x00 DV, and 8x00 ICPOES series instruments with connection for ESI injector (Includes ES-2044-0006 drain line and 2 pcs. ES-4398-2130). The C2 dual cyclonic spray chamber improves both sensitivity and precision with its unique dual cyclonic aerosol flow path, improving detection limits. Even at very high sample flow rates, the C2 chamber significantly reduces droplet buildup in the injector that can cause plasma instability or outages. The C2 chamber also reduces the chance of accidental torch flooding events, preventing costly damage to the torchbox components. Used for improved precision and low blanks.