pergo Argon Nebulizer Gas Humidifier for ICP/ICPMS

Part No.: PRG-01


The pergo improves performance of all MEINHARD® nebulizers for the routine analysis of brines, fusion digests and other high TDS samples. A high-pressure membrane positioned inside a temperature-controlled water reservoir perfuses water vapor into the ICPMS nebulizer gas stream. By increasing humidity in the argon nebulizer gas, the pergo prevents salt deposits at the nebulizer tip, improving short and long-term signal stability. Includes gas line connector kit. (Does not include nebulizer)


• Improved RSDs
• Improved short and long-term stability
• Improved detection limits
• Faster washout
• Ability to use high sensitivity nebulizers for high TDS samples
• Reduce long-term drift
• Extends the length of analytical runs

The unique pergo design offers many advantages over other types of argon humidifiers.


• Higher, more consistent humidity
• Superior long-term stability for high TDS samples
• Safe and easy to use
- Atmospheric pressure water reservoir
• Optional USB communication for programmable humidity levels

Nebulizer Signal vs. Nebulizer Gas Comparison Chart
9 Hour Signal Stability Chart
Improved RSD's Chart