pergo 500 Argon Nebulizer Gas Humidifier

Part No.: pergo 500-[XX]


The pergo 500 improves performance of all concentric nebulizers. It maintains nebulizer efficiency – which decreases long before a clogged tip is detected – and improves sensitivity and stability by preventing unnoticed salt crystals from forming in the nebulizer tip. A water vapor permeable membrane humidifies the ICP nebulizer gas stream. By increasing humidity in the argon nebulizer, the pergo 500 prevents salt deposits in the nebulizer, improving short and longterm signal stability. (Does not include nebulizer)


  • Dissolves salt crystals in nebulizer tip
  • Improved short and long-term stability
  • Improved detection limits
  • Speeds up washout
  • Reduced long-term drift
  • Extends the length of productive analytical runs


  • Safe and easy to use
    - Atmospheric pressure PFA water reservoir
    - Friction-fit PFA cap with quick water refill
    - Max and Min level markers
  • Allows use of high-sensitivity nebulizers for high TDS samples
  • Supports both MEINHARD and PFA MicroFlow nebulizers
  • pergo 500 Dual model also enhance HMI/ UHMI performance with a second channel that humidifies this additional argon gas stream