PFA-ST Nebulizer for prepFAST

Part No.: PF-2040

The PFA-ST MicroFlow nebulizer is made from high purity, HF resistant PFA. It has an exchangeable external sample uptake capillary. The sample uptake rate is controlled by the diameter of the external capillary or probe.


  • All PFA construction
  • Exchangeable uptake capillaries allow one nebulizer to be used at different self-aspiration rates from 20 μL/min to 700 μL/min
  • Chemically resistant—ideal for strong acids, alkalis and organics
  • Can be pumped from < 0.02 mL/min to 3.0 mL/min
  • Direct analysis of volatile and non-volatile organic solvents
  • Longer lifetime than glass or quartz nebulizers

PFA-ST self-aspirating nebulizer for prepFAST, with external 1/4-28 threaded connector. Includes gas connectors for requested systems [45 psi @ 1 L/min].

Part Number Instrument/Options OEM #
PF-2040-79 Agilent ICPMS  
PF-2040-PE PerkinElmer Avio 200/500 N8145368
PF-2040-PE PerkinElmer ELAN N8145368
PF-2040-PE PerkinElmer NexION 300/350 N8145368
PF-2040-64 PerkinElmer NexION 1000/2000 N8152576
PF-2040-PE PerkinElmer Optima N8145368
PF-2040-73 Thermo iCAP Q/RQ/TQ  
PF-2040-68 Thermo iCAP PRO  
PF-2040-88 Thermo iCAP 6000,7000