PFA-50 PFA MicroFlow OneTouch Nebulizer with Integrated Ultem Probe

Recommended Applications: High Purity Semiconductor

PFA-50 PFA Nebulizer with Integrated Ultem probe 50 µL/min (various capillary lengths) and Ultem reinforcement for ESI DX Autosamplers. Self-aspirating PFA MicroFlow fluoropolymer nebulizers are chemically resistant and an essential part of the ICPMS laboratory. PFA nebulizers can produce a fine aerosol from aggressive acids, alkalis, organics, and high-salt solutions. They are resistant to clogging and produce high sensitivity at a low sample flow rate. They are the ideal nebulizer for ICPMS instruments with a wide range of sample types or when unknown samples are analyzed.

Part Number Capillary Length
ES-2000-3505-080 80 cm Length - DX Autosamplers
ES-2000-3505-100 100 cm Length - DX Autosamplers