PFA ST3 Nebulizer

Part No.: ST3

ST3 MicroFlow OneTouch PFA nebulizer with OneTouch gas connector, ¼-28 threaded liquid connector and barbed fitting for peristaltic pump tubing. High performance, clog resistant and chemically inert nebulizer for ICP & ICPMS instruments.

Part Number Instrument/Options OEM #
ST3-79 Agilent ICPMS
ST3-65 Agilent ICP
ST3-84 PerkinElmer ELAN
ST3-84 PerkinElmer NexION 300/350
ST3-64 PerkinElmer NexION 1000/2000
ST3-57 PerkinElmer Optima & Avio 200/500 N0777676
ST3-70 Thermo ICP