Pearl Nebulizer Cleaner for Glass and Quartz Nebulizers

Part No.: PRL-03


With this device, a cleaning solution can be pumped manually in reverse, through both the sample and gas passages. Favorite cleaning solutions are - Sigma-Aldrich RBS-25 diluted about 20x, Deconex similarly diluted; - or - either of these, but with the addition of 10% methanol. When the wet-cleaning process is finished, rinse with DI water and flush dry with compressed air or inert gas. For Glass and Quartz Nebulizers.

The diagram below shows the 3 main types of blockages that can occur in pneumatic concentric nebulizers. Click here for cleaning guidelines.

#1 - Deposits at this point are typically composed of salts coming out of solution, such deposits can usually be removed by repeated rinsing of a concentric nebulizer with an appropriate solvent.

#2 - This sort of obstruction is the worst type, capable of breaking the tip of a glass capillary, if the deposit is insoluble, the only sure way to remove it is with a PEARL cleaner.

#3 - Deposits inside the capillary may can go unnoticed for quite a while, particularly if the sample is pumped, paper and textile fibers are often at fault.