MEINHARD V-Groove OneTouch Nebulizer

Part No.: V-Groove


MEINHARD V-Groove Glass OneTouch nebulizers include pre-installed gas and liquid sample lines already manufactured to the precise length for your instrument, and with the correct fittings attached. The gas and sample lines are ultraclean, chemically inert, and provide a strong and secure fit to eliminate leaks at connection points. These nebulizers are ready for quick installation and offer high performance with ease-of-use in the most demanding applications.

Part Number Instrument
V79 Agilent ICPMS
V65 Agilent ICP
V37 PerkinElmer Avio 200/500
V64 PerkinElmer NexION 1000/2000
V84 PerkinElmer NexION 300/350
V57 PerkinElmer Optima
V52 Thermo Element/Neptune
V73 Thermo iCAP Q/RQ/TQ
V68 Thermo iCAP PRO,6000,7000
V73 TOFWerks