PC3X Peltier Cooler System for Avio 200/220 Max

Part No.: PC3X-47-29
OEM: N0790959


PC3X Peltier heated and cooled cyclonic chamber system for PerkinElmer Avio 200 ICP (Temperature Range -10°C to +80°C) with PFA Nebulizer, includes:

  • PC3X Peltier Cooler module for Avio ICP
  • 24V x 3.75A Switching Power Supply
  • USB to 485 Communications / Power Cable
  • PC3X adjustable shelf for Avio 200 with mounting screws
  • Quartz cyclonic spray chamber for PE avio 200 with 12/5 socket connection and threaded drain line (ES-2044-0002)
  • PFA-ST3 nebulizer
  • 4-piece set of grey/grey tubing