CleanAcids 3 x 125 mL

Part No.: CA-3.125-2V-20A

CleanAcids patented design allows the production of ultra-pure reagents from standard quality reagents. These devices can simultaneously purify different acids or solvents in a totally closed environment, without need of an external gas flow to carry out the vapor towards a condensation device.

  • Greatly reduces your cost analysis related to the purchase of high-purity reagents (HCl, HNO3, HBr, HF, HclO4, NH4OH, H2O2 … H2SO4).
  • The purification of small volumes of reagents before the analysis avoids the risks of contamination which can happen during long term storage of your high purity reagents.
  • CleanAcids purifies your reagents into concentrated solutions for less contamination of your sample.
  • The positions are isolated from each other, which allows removing independently a container during the purification process.
  • Speed of purification is around 35mL/h.
  • Our devices have passed the acceptance tests in class 1 clean rooms and satisfy the standards EC EMC 89/336/EEC – LVD 73/23/EEC – EN 61010
  • Additional open positions at the top of the device to simultaneously use the Cleaning kits (see accessories)
  • Contents: CleanAcids device with PTFE thermal bench and side protection.
    • Required 208-240V temperature regulator with timer. Sold separately.
    • Required three KIT-VESSEL-125ML-WV (included).