EasyTraceCleaner Evolution II - Standard - Pre-wired

Part No.: ETC-PW

EasyTraceCleaner Evolution II – Standard - Pre-wired for future use of the Clean Rinse Dry (CRD) System. This completely self-contained device is offered in three different sizes depending on your lab needs.

The ETC’s interior can be customized by using the optional plates and racks to hold various size vessels during the decontamination process. Racks and plates sold separately. Manual draining of the tank is required with this model. However, this unit is pre-wired should your future lab plans include automatic evacuation of the cleaning reagent, and replacement of pure water or another reagent with the CRD system. Supplied with a 110V regulator to power the unit.

Available options:
  • Med – 330mm OD, 145mm Height (#ETC-PW-M-1V)
  • Lg – 450mm OD, 230mm Height (#ETC-PW-L-1V)
  • XL – 515mm OD, 285mm Height (#ETC-PW-XL-1V)