P’Tips Cleaner – XL

Part No.: PTIP–XL

Simple decontamination is performed in a safe, and reproducible manner. This model is designed to clean 5000µl and 10000µl tips sizes. Required P’Tips holder sold separately so you can choose your size. Transfer Racks sold separately.

  • Dozens of tips are conditioned simultaneously, and the procedure can be easily reproduced on different batches of tips.
  • The cold washing reagent, stored in clean conditions, can be used many times, optimizing preparation and reprocessing costs.
  • The decontamination procedure can be refined and quantified by analyzing the washing reagent.
  • The operator does not have to decontaminate the tips individually.
  • Uses simple gravity, no power requirements.
  • Contents: PVC base , PTFE tips tank and cover, 2L PFA bottle, and cleaning base plate.

P'Tips Cleaner Flyer