PVDF Vials

A low cost alternative to PFA for many ultra-trace metal analyses

PVDF sample vials are a lower cost alternative to our high-performance PFA vials. These high-tensile-strength, fluoropolymer vials can replace more expensive PFA vials in many applications.

  • Semiconductor-grade PVDF fluoropolymer
  • High dielectric and mechanical strength, flexible
  • Excellent for the analysis of Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid, or Ammonium Hydroxide
  • Resistant to most mineral and organic acids, as well as aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, halogenated solvents, and oxidizing agents
  • Self-standing
  • Conical internal bottom for micro-sample analysis
  • Suitable for most semiconductor pure chemicals
  • Not recommended for ketones, acetone, ethyl acetate, and MIBK
  • Optional PFA enclosures
  • Available standard or pre-cleaned

PVDF Semiconductor Grade Vial - 2mL

Part No.: V-14-0712-X