September 2014  - Keep all nebulizers in their best condition with the 'Pergo' argon humidifier, the only argon humidifier for ICP instruments that doesn't require a hazardous pressure vessel. The Pergo is now available as a part of two kits : one with a high-sensitivity Type-A nebulizer, the other with a 'Pearl' cleaning device that suits ALL makes of quartz and glass concentric nebulizers.

October 2013  - MEINHARD has a new catalog (available as a PDF download)

July 2013  -  MEINHARD's distributor network has been updated

December 2012 - MEINHARD has a new contact for marketing, technical and scientific queries, based in Europe: Alan Eastgate - Contact Alan!

2012 - MEINHARD has now passed the 100,000th nebulizer milepost! Join us on the road ahead!

February 2011 - MEINHARD introduces its "Plus-Series" glass, quartz and ultra-pure quartz nebulizers - with PFA argon and sample line connectors : setting the highest standards for ultra-trace analysis!

October 2010 - MEINHARD becomes a company of Elemental Scientific!

December 2009 - Meinhard introduces ALPXS, an aerosol-to-liquid particle extraction system for fast air sampling. The device uses electrostatic precipitation to remove particulates from an airstream moving at 300 L/min, then washes those into a small collection bottle which is ready for analysis by ICP-OES or ICP-MS. A brochure is available here. For a copy of your 2010 Winter Conference paper, click here.

January 2004 - Spetec GmbH launches new line of laminar flow boxes - portable clean room technology. Developed and tested in Germany, Spetec's new, low-cost, portable, laminar flow boxes provide a particle isolation factor of better than 10,000. These portable clean rooms are suitable for sample storage and sample preparations where contamination control is essential. For more details, contact Meinhard Glass Products, the exclusive North American Distributor of Spetec products, or download a PDF of the brochure.

January 2002 - Did you know that we make our HEN microconcentric nebulizer in quartz? We have manufactured it for several years but somehow it was never put on our current Product Catalog. That oversight was corrected today.

December 2001 - We now have PDF versions of our Maintenance Tips and DIHEN Instruction Manual available for viewing or download.

1999 - In late 1999, J E Meinhard introduced the LB-DIHEN, a large-bore version of the DIHEN. Two papers have been published on the operating characteristics of the LB-DIHEN. The larger capillary design of the LB-DIHEN minimizes blockage and allows operation at lower nebulizer gas pressures than the DIHEN. Check this page later for links to more information about the LB-DIHEN.

1998 - In 1998 we introduced the DIHEN. Please see the DIHEN page for more details.

1997 - J E Meinhard Produces the 50,000th Nebulizer!

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