pergo Argon Nebulizer Gas Humidifier Kit

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Product #: PRG-01-MAPlus

The pergo improves performance of all MEINHARD® nebulizers for the routine analysis of brines, fusion digests and other high TDS samples. A high-pressure membrane positioned inside a temperature-controlled water reservoir perfuses water vapor into the ICP-MS nebulizer gas stream. By increasing humidity in the argon nebulizer gas, the pergo prevents salt deposits at the nebulizer tip, improving short and long-term signal stability. Includes a MEINHARD® Type A Plus high performance nebulizer. Click here to download flier.

• Improved RSDs
• Improved short and long-term stability
• Improved detection limits
• Faster washout
• Ability to use high sensitivity nebulizers for high TDS samples
• Reduce long-term drift
• Extends the length of analytical runs

The unique pergo design offers many advantages over other types of argon humidifiers.

• Higher, more consistent humidity
• Superior long-term stability for high TDS samples
• Safe and easy to use
- Atmospheric pressure water reservoir
• Optional USB communication for programmable humidity levels


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