High Solids Glass Nebulizer, 30 psi

SKU: # TR-30-C-Series


The MEINHARD® Type C nebulizer was developed to handle sample solutions which have high levels of dissolved solids which can lead to clogging after some period of time. In contrast to Type A the Type C has a polished capillary and nozzle in order to minimize the loss of sensitivity while maximizing up-time in the analysis of high solids solutions by ICP-OES (> 1%) or ICP-MS (>0.1%).

Select Type C when the sample load is substantial, significant levels of dissolved solids are typical, and the need for up-time outweighs the desire for sensitivity.
Includes: Fit Kit (F5-50), Gas Line (GL-14) and Quick Connect (FG).

Applications Include:

Animal Feed; Brines, Salts & Fertilizers; Chemicals & Pharmaceutical; Clinical & Forensic Materials; Drinking, Ground & Surface Water; Food & Drink; Geological without HF; Isotopic Analysis of Minerals; Metals; Petrochemicals; Plants; Semiconductors; Soil & Sediment without HF; Waste Water & Sludge; Wear Metals in Oils


Polished, recessed (0.5mm) capillary, borosilicate glass, high solids, 1 L/min @ 30 PSI (2.1 bar/205 kPA).

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