Cone Cleaning Kit

Part No.: MC-MNTKIT1
Cone Cleaning Kit includes: Course & Fine Alumina Powder, Diamond Abrasive Paste, Synthetic fiber, lint-free cloths, Wooden cotton swabs (qty 50), Foam Tipped ESD Swabs (qty 50) and Magnifier


Citranox Detergent

Part No.: CitranoxDetergent
Citranox Detergent, contains acid ingredients for high-performance removal of metal oxides, salts and inorganic residues combined with full detergent capability. Used on soft metals. 1 gallon


Ultrasonic Baths

Part No.: Baths
110-120 V, includes cover, timer, heater and sweep. Drain is NOT included with 1.75 & 2.75 Liter.

$415.00 - $1,995.00

Stainless Steel Baskets

Part No.: Baskets
Please select dimensions below.

$52.00 - $243.00