Ultra High Purity (SilQ) Nebulizer

Meinhard SilQ+ Ultra High Purity Quartz Nebulizer with PFA Quick Connects

Meinhard Products Product ID: SILQ-50-A0.5

SilQ+ nebulizers utilize ultra-high purity quartz for low background, incorporate the A-type nozzle for highest sensitivity, and have the lowest dead volume design currently available. The low dead volume and high sensitivity design enables a user to analyze an extremely small amount of sample with high reproducibility and precision.

Each Ultra High Purity (SilQ+) nebulizer comes with the FitKit+ gas and sample quick connect fittings. The connections are made with high-purity PFA, minimizing the chance of contamination during backflow events. The gas connection fits snugly over the maria on the sidearm of the nebulizer.

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