Temperature Regulators - 208-240V

Part No.: REG-2V

Analab 208-240V regulators are designed for safe and reliable control of Analab devices. With options from basic plug and play with timer to a fully programmable version that allows you to define several control periods at different working temperatures. Ultimate protection against unintended start, non-programmed temperature changes, short circuit, and overcurrent fuses. North American version.

  • Non-programmable 208-240V temperature regulator with timer. Set time ranging from a few minutes to 100 hours. (#RNP-2V-15A-T(15A)/RNP-2V-20A-T (20A))
  • Programmable 208-240V temperature regulator. 64 ramps and 15 program types. (#RP-2V-15A (15A)/RP-2V-20A (20A))
  • Both regulators are available in 15A and 20A models