Direct Injection High Efficiency (DIHEN) Nebulizers

The DIHEN is a pneumatic micronebulizer designed to introduce micro-volumes of sample solutions directly into a ICP or ICPMS without a spray chamber. Applications for DIHEN include ultratrace isotope and elemental analysis of sample types that are of limited volume, toxic, or expensive, or that exhibit speciation interferences that cause transport efficiency issues in conventional spray chambers. DIHEN can introduce microvolumes into plasmas at 1- 100 µL/min, with relatively small aerosol droplet size, and with nearly 100% use of the sample.

DIHEN is designed to operate at 100 µL/min Ar at 170 psi. However most applications run at a lower flow rate, closer to 40 µL/min. At that rate, the psi required is halved. For example, a 120 psi nebulizer will require a pressure of 55 psi.

Also of note, is that higher flow rate DIHEN designs can be used to prevent clogging. For example, if the application design calls for a 100 µl/min, a HEN 300 µl/min can be used to avoid clogs.

For DIHEN, Fit Kit #1-Micro sample connection kit is an easy and convenient method to reduce dead volume in the sample introduction system to less than 10 µL. For the gas connection, Fit Kit FG+ allows easy connection of a high-pressure Argon line to the sidearm of the DIHEN.

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